Aggressive Legal Representation In Dog Bite Cases​

When people decide to have a pet, it is their legal responsibility to care for it, to keep it contained, to keep it under control. Unfortunately, 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, and about half of those dog bite victims are children. These bites can become infected, lead to serious injury, or even death.

At Rone & Kowalski, LLC, of Milmay, our personal injury attorneys take dog bites extremely seriously. If you or a loved has suffered a dog bite injury, we are here to help you through both the recovery and legal processes. We are a well-established firm and our knowledgeable team of attorneys has been helping clients throughout South Jersey for over 25 years.

Dog Bites Can Lead To Serious Injuries

Whether you are visiting someone's home, at the park or out in your neighborhood, you can be the victim of an animal attack. Children are especially vulnerable to dog bites, with those between ages five and nine experiencing the highest rate of attack. Dog bites can lead to serious injuries and, depending on the circumstances of the case, you may be entitled to compensation, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical-related expenses
  • Lost wages from work
  • Damaged property

A knowledgeable lawyer from Rone & Kowalski, LLC, can help you recover damages from one of these attacks. We will aggressively pursue your case and fight for the best possible outcome for you and your family.

What To Do If You Experience A Dog Bite Injury

If you or a family member is bitten by a dog, even if it seems like a minor bite, you should thoroughly clean and treat the wound and seek medical attention. Not only can a dog bite cause immediate physical injury, it can also lead to a harmful infection or disease. Dogs can carry over 60 different bacteria in their mouths that can lead to diseases such as rabies, pasteurella, MRSA and tetanus.

After you have medically treated the bite, seek the advice of an experienced lawyer. Dog bite cases can be complicated so you need an attorney who is familiar with these types of cases to help you navigate the legal issues such as determining the owner's responsibility, or whether or not the owner knew that the dog was vicious.

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