Motorcycle Accidents In New Jersey

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, varying from touring, cruising, and standard models to high-performance sport and super sport vehicles. Because of their inherent design and high-speed capability, all motorcycles are high-risk vehicles. The Vineland motorcycle accident lawyers at Rone & Kowalski, LLC, know that motorcycle accidents are different from other types of personal injury accidents in their causes, injuries and liabilities. Here are some things to be aware of if you choose to drive a motorcycle.

The Dangers Of Riding A Motorcycle

A motorcycle is a unique vehicle with its own set of risks. It has only two wheels and is therefore less stable than three or four wheeled vehicles. The driver is not enclosed in a protective box as in a car. Some of the risks involved in riding a motorcycle include the following:

  • Fewer safety features. Motorcycles have no seat belts, which means in the event of a crash the driver is often thrown from the vehicle. Air bags have only recently been introduced and are not standard or required as they are for cars.
  • Susceptibility to road hazards. Water, weather, potholes, road damage, and any other danger on the road is more threatening to a motorcycle than to standard vehicles and can more easily cause an accident.
  • Poor visibility to cars. Motorcycles are smaller and less visible to cars. They can also be hidden from sight by larger obstacles at intersections, making them more vulnerable to being hit.

Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

The chances of a fatal crash for motorcyclists are more than 26 times higher than for passengers of a car crash, and motorcyclists are injured five times as often. Many different factors account for the higher rates of motorcycle accidents. Below are some of the most common causes:

  • Cars turning left. Many drivers just do not see a motorcycle, as they are trained and used to looking for other cars. The car driver may also incorrectly estimate the speed of the motorcycle and think they have time to turn. This situation is by far the most dangerous for motorcyclists and the No. 1 cause of motorcycle accidents.
  • Road conditions. Wet slippery conditions can be perilous for a motorcycle, as can rough, uneven surfaces at lane changes. Gravel that lies unseen around a bend or in a blind spot would perhaps not affect a car, but can be disastrous for a motorcycle.
  • Cars changing lanes. Motorcycles are small and easily overlooked, especially in a car's blind spot. To avoid accidents, motorcyclists should take care to stay out of blind spots and observe traffic to anticipate when cars may need or want to change lanes.
  • High speeds. Driving too fast is not a good idea in any vehicle, but a motorcycle has less stability than a car and no crumple zone. If a driver loses control going at high speeds, it is more than likely they will be thrown from the bike violently and sustain serious injuries.

Injuries And Liabilities In A Motorcycle Accident

Because a motorcycle lacks any protective barrier between the driver and the road, injuries from a motorcycle accident are often serious and severe. Head and neck injuries, broken limbs and arm injuries are all very common. Road rash happens when the motorcyclist is dragged along the surface of the road and skin makes contact with pavement or clothing is torn open. Sometimes in a motorcycle accident the rider is pinned beneath the bike and suffers burns.

Determining fault for a motorcycle accident in New Jersey is a matter of comparative negligence. This means that liability can rest with more than one party, and an injured party can sue for negligence even if he or she bears part of the blame for what happened.

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