Slip-And-Fall Accidents In New Jersey

Homeowners, property owners, and businesses can all be held liable for damages sustained when someone slips, trips, or falls on their premises. In New Jersey, property owners and managers are responsible for providing safe passage to all who travel onto their property. When injuries occur from accidents that happen due to the property owner's negligence, a premises liability lawsuit can hold the owner liable. Vineland slip-and-fall lawyers would like to inform you about some of the common causes of these accidents and how to determine liability.

Causes Of Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents

There are many hazardous conditions that can result in injury to individuals passing by or visiting a property. Icy sidewalks, debris on passageways, uneven surfaces, torn carpet, wet entrances, and potholes in parking lots are conditions requiring the attention of the property owner or manager. Failure to fix known hazards in a reasonable amount of time can result in the owner being successfully sued by an injured victim.

Weather conditions can bring hazards from flooding, snow accumulation, ice and heavy rain. A property owner or manager is required to clean up the debris, remove the snow and ice, and put a preventative layer of salt or other abrasive on slippery surfaces within a few hours after a storm has ended. In severe weather conditions, the property owner may need to remove hazardous snow accumulation or debris during a lull in the storm.

Retail establishments and public facilities need to fix and maintain their parking lots, passageways, sidewalks, stairs, and entrances on a regular basis to protect the public frequenting the building. Failure to properly maintain the parking lot by filling in potholes, painting parking stops with brightly colored and reflective paint, and ensuring sidewalks are free from uneven surfaces can result in pedestrians suffering broken bones, sprains, head injuries, cuts and lacerations.

Retail stores and restaurants, as well as public places such as libraries and school buildings, must ensure that their entrances have nonskid mats or rugs to prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces. Rain and snow that are tracked in on the shoes of those entering the building can quickly result in slippery floors that can lead to serious personal injury. Maintenance personnel at these establishments need to be vigilant in warning pedestrians of slick surfaces. Pedestrians who slip and fall on wet surfaces can sustain a serious injury or permanent disability such as spinal cord injury, head injuries, broken bones, and disabling neurological injuries requiring ongoing physical and cognitive therapy.

Determining Fault And Responsibility For Slip-And-Fall Accidents In New Jersey

Many people injured in slips, trips, and falls in New Jersey mistakenly assume that the accident was the result of their own carelessness or clumsiness, but that is not necessarily the case. Proving that your injuries are the result of the property owner or manager's negligence may not be as difficult as you think.

To prove negligence, it is the plaintiff's responsibility to show that a dangerous condition existed such as a slippery entrance, torn carpet, or missing handrails on stairways. They must also prove that the property owner was aware of the dangerous condition, and that they ignored the situation for an unreasonable amount of time.

Residential and commercial property owners have similar responsibilities to ensure the safety of all who enter their property; however, homeowners may be able to avoid liability if a repair of the dangerous condition would have been unreasonably expensive or difficult to complete. The landlord or homeowner of the property would have to show that they made reasonable attempts to secure the dangerous area such as putting construction cones over uneven surfaces, or putting warning tape around an area with dangerous debris.

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