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Every industry has its own set of risks for workplace injury. However, some professions pose more imminent threats than others. Construction workers and health care workers are among the top industries when it comes to safety threats, but other places of work such as an office setting, can also present a risk of injury for workers.

At Rone & Kowalski, LLC, our workers' compensation attorneys represent any worker who has been injured while they are on the job. Falls from heights, slips on wet floors, repetitive motion injuries, electrocutions, and even toxic exposure can happen no matter where you work. Each industry has its own unique list of hazards against which workers should take precaution to reduce the risk of a workplace accident.

  • Commercial drivers — Workers who drive for a living such as truck drivers, delivery drivers, bus operators, and others, are at risk for transportation accidents. Motor vehicle collisions can lead to head and spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries and even death. Commercial drivers also run a risk for fatigue and drowsiness, which increase the risk of a work-related car accident.
  • Construction workers — The construction industry is host to a long list of potential injuries, ranging from falls from heights, being struck by scaffolding , and slip-and-fall accidents. Construction workers should always use proper safety gear and must regularly undergo safety training. The training should include not only how to avoid injury, but also what to do when a co-worker has been hurt on a job site.
  • Health care workers — The health care industry presents many injury threats to the safety of its staff. This includes strains from lifting or moving patients, needle sticks, slip and falls, infection risks, and even the dangers of violent acts from patients or family of patients. Nursing home workers are as much, or sometimes even more, at risk of a workplace injury than those who work in a hospital setting.
  • Manufacturing workers — Similar to construction work, those working in manufacturing are often using or are near large machinery like grinding gears, industrial mixers, saw blades, presses and conveyor belts. Those working in manufacturing are encouraged to adhere to proper safety protocol, including not wearing loose jewelry that can get caught in machinery, wearing appropriate safety gear, and dressing properly for their work.
  • Office workers — While many would believe that an office setting comes with a lower risk of workplace injury than other industries, office workers are prone to long-term injuries such as repetitive motion injuries and back injuries from prolonged sitting. However, office workers are also more prone to acts of workplace violence than other industries. Proper posture, ergonomic furniture, and therapy for mental health issues can significantly reduce the risks of work accidents in an office setting.
  • Restaurant/kitchen workers — Restaurant and kitchen workers are at risk of many different types of workplace injuries, including knee injuries, shoulder injuries, back injuries, and injuries to the hands and feet.
  • Warehouse and factory workers — Workplace accidents in warehouse and factories can result from a variety of factors. Warehouse workers can sustain injuries from stacked boxes or pallets collapsing, machinery malfunctioning or conveyor belts becoming jammed. Due to the nature of warehouse work, factory workers can face a variety of work injuries ranging from minor, to severe and even fatal injuries.
  • Workers who may be exposed to toxic chemicals Exposure to toxic chemicals and materials applies to workers in many industries. Employees such as construction workers, agricultural workers, transportation workers, auto mechanics, electricians, shipbuilders, and plumbers are on the list of those regularly exposed to materials such as asbestos and other chemicals. Chemical exposure at work can lead to cancer, mesothelioma , burns of the respiratory system and skin tissue damage.

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