You May Be Entitled To More Workers’ Compensation Benefits Than You Thought

You are a hard worker. You take pride in your job and strive to do the job right. Unfortunately, you're suddenly sidelined by an on-the-job injury. And, although you hope it may only be temporary, you can't afford the time off. What do you do? The good news — workers' compensation was created specifically for these types of cases.

At Rone & Kowalski, LLC, we, too, take pride in our work. We make it our mission to give every client the very best legal representation possible and to help them get the full amount of compensation they are due. Our workers' compensation team has served the South Jersey area for over 25 years — we are experienced at representing clients in job injury cases and look forward to helping you, too.

What Benefits Am I Entitled To?

Most employees and employers alike are familiar with workman's compensation, yet some are unsure about the legal particulars of such a case. Created by the federal government and designed to protect the working men and women of our country, this safety measure makes sure our national workforce remains robust and able-bodied. Together, we will examine your particular situation to determine what benefits you're eligible for. These may include:

  • Medical benefits
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent partial benefits
  • Permanent total benefits
  • Death benefits

Just as each case is specific, we understand that your needs are specific, as well. Our attorneys combine their years of experience and extensive knowledge with a strong focus on your overall well-being to help you feel whole again.

A Commitment To Excellence

Our legal team does not just handle workman's comp cases. We also assist clients looking for guidance and representation regarding personal injury cases as well as matters pertaining to Social Security. We strive to help our clients resolve issues which may be, at times, highly emotional. Having an extremely knowledgeable and capable team in your corner can ease your worries and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Let our professional staff begin the process of determining how to best represent your interests. Contact us online or call our office in Milmay at 609-416-1453 to speak to our dedicated team of lawyers about your case.