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Reasons to have a lawyer help your workers' comp claim

People injured on the job should receive something as a means of compensation. This is especially true to first responders, who face an increased risk of sustaining injuries. It is for this reason the New Jersey Senate has recently crafted a bill that will change what first responders' compensation will cover. It will hopefully pass to give first responders and their loved ones greater peace of mind. 

When injured on the job, it is critical to file a workers' comp claim as soon as possible. Your boss should be aware of the situation shortly after the injury occurred, and you should receive all the paperwork you need to file a claim. Although everything may appear straightforward, you should still retain the services of an experienced attorney to assist you during this process. 

Workplace noise can compromise your health and hearing

There is something to be said for a little peace and quiet, you think as you head once again into your loud workplace. Like many New Jersey residents who do not enjoy the luxury of a quiet job, you wonder if there can be long-term effects of noise to your health and sanity. You might also be interested in learning whether workers’ compensation applies to the effects of a loud profession.

Many industries are typically associated with a high level of noise. These can include jobs in construction, mining, factories, the military, firefighting, health care or law enforcement. However, you do not have to work in one of these professions to suffer from a loud work environment. A job where there is constant chattering or background noise can disrupt your concentration and make you feel irritable and anxious. The following examples might apply:

  • A child care job where children are usually yelling, fighting, crying or screaming
  • A position in an office where your co-workers often loudly chat, gossip, laugh or bicker near your workspace
  • A job in a store, restaurant or bar where the music is loud and people need to raise their voices to be heard

Wrongful death damages in New Jersey may be expanded

In the state of New Jersey, as in other states, when someone's death is the result of liability on the part of another, there is the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit. Each state determines its own regulations regarding what types of damages are possible in these cases.

Legislators in New Jersey are looking at widening the options concerning damages available to plaintiffs who file a wrongful death lawsuit. This possible expansion could make it easier for grieving families to seek the specific types of damages that pertain to their case, which is not possible under the current law.

What benefits does New Jersey workers' compensation provide?

Workers who become injured on the job in the state of New Jersey are protected under the state's workers' compensation system. While most people are vaguely aware that a system is in place, many never look at the details or inquire about how the system works until they are directly involved with it through a workplace injury.

The workers' compensation system can be complex at turns, and people encountering it for the first time often have many questions about how it works and what benefits the system provides. Here are the basics about workers' compensation in New Jersey, how to access it and whether you need to seek the professional assistance of a workers' compensation attorney:

What construction workers need to know about asbestos exposure

As a New Jersey construction worker, you probably are exposed to asbestos every day while at work. Even if you wear a protective dust mask, you likely constantly inhale innumerable microscopic asbestos fibers on every job site. Over time, these dangerous fibers build up in your lungs and eventually can cause asbestosis, a debilitating lung scarring condition.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral found in many construction products and material. It breaks down over time and also is easily disturbed by such things as saws, sanders, drills and other construction equipment. Unlike most minerals, however, asbestos does not break down into simple dust. Its sharp microscopic fibers become airborne at the slightest indoor or outdoor breeze and disperse over a wide area, getting past regular dust masks and into your lungs.

Am I entitled to workers’ comp from an accident off the job?

As you know, workers’ compensation insurance exists to compensate you for your expenses and lost wages resulting from an accident you sustained at work. It is also in your employer’s best interests, as it protects New Jersey companies in most cases from litigation from an injured worker. However, what if you suffered an injury in a work-related accident that happened while you were off the clock or not at your workplace? Would you still be eligible to receive benefits?

Recently, your office ran out of printer paper and your supervisor sent you to the office supply store to purchase more. On the way there, you were in a car accident and received a minor injury. You were not at the office when the accident occurred, but because the injury happened while you were running a work-related errand, workers’ compensation should cover you.

Workplace rudeness might create more problems than expected

As you know, it is not pleasant to work with someone who is rude, condescending or abusive. However, rudeness in the workplace not only undermines productivity but can cause problems that affect your own wellbeing. You and other New Jersey residents may benefit from understanding the consequences of working with people who project their unhappiness onto others.

In a study cited by the Harvard Business Review, abusive behavior by a superior potentially did more damage than merely making the workplace unpleasant. In the experiment, 24 neonatal intensive care unit teams worked on a hypothetical situation involving a critically ill infant. Half of those in the study received neutral comments by a medical expert. In the other half, an expert insulted team members and questioned their abilities and professionalism. It may not surprise you to learn that the teams which endured taunts and insults performed poorly in comparison with the other teams. In fact, the fictional infant had a reduced chance of surviving when the teams experiencing demeaning and critical comments cared for it.

What to do if you sustain an injury on the job in New Jersey

Workplace injuries are all too common. In New Jersey, the law has specific protections for employees who suffer injuries at work. Some professions are more physically hazardous than others, such as construction work and work with heavy equipment. Other times, a workplace injury occurs due to a simple and unforeseen case of negligence, such as a slip and fall injury or unsafe working conditions in general on the employer's premises.

No matter how you got your injury on the job, the important thing now is to understand your rights under New Jersey law. You need to move forward to collect damages to compensate for your injuries so you can pay costly medical bills and make up for lost wages due to time off work. Here is some information about workplace injuries in New Jersey that can help you understand your options.

3 tips for driving safely in icy conditions

Winter weather creates challenging and dangerous driving conditions in New Jersey. Ice often forms on the roads and is a practically invisible hazard. It takes preparation and skill to navigate icy roadways properly. 

As it gets into freezing temperatures here, black ice can develop on the streets, especially on bridges and overpasses. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you get behind the wheel this winter: 

Avoid hurting yourself in a fall this winter

Winters in New Jersey can be harsh. Snowy and icy conditions often spell danger, whether you are at work or running errands during your personal time. You can do a lot to prevent falls this winter, but there are factors - such as a premises liability issue - that could create a dangerous situation for you and others.

Here, we will discuss your precautions to have a safe and slip-free winter, as well as the measures employers and property owners should take to protect people.


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