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Millville Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Halloween Safety

October brings cooler temperatures, changing leaves and a re-emergence of hot beverages. But October is probably best known for Halloween, the sweetest holiday of the year for kids who love to trick-or-treat. It is a time to dress up in a silly costume and collect as much candy as your bag will hold. While you and your children roam the neighborhood for treats, keep these safety tricks in mind.

Safety Tips for Parents

Do not let your spooky décor turn into a nightmare. Overloading electrical outlets can quickly become a fire hazard. According to a statistic from the National Fire Prevention Association, electrical decorations were responsible for approximately 1,000 home fires between 2006 and 2010.

Keep mischief away from your front door. Make sure that the front of your house is well-lit and that there is no debris, loose wires, or other hazards that could cause trick or treaters to slip and fall.

Be extra cautious when driving in residential neighborhoods to reduce the risk of a car accident. Most trick-or-treating happens when it is dark. Pay attention to kids crossing streets and keep your eyes on the road, not on the kids and their costumes.

Be a smart pedestrian. When trick-or-treating with your child, bring a flashlight to help with visibility. Cross the street with your child to make sure he or she is safe. And if a house does not have any lights on, move on to the next house to avoid a potentially negative situation.

Safety Tips for Children

Many of these suggestions may seem like common sense, but it is important to remind your child of them.

Look both ways before crossing the street, especially when it is dark. Never run into the street without looking both ways.

Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult. If a child is old enough to go out unsupervised, they should trick-or-treat in a group and stay in well-lit areas.

Costumes should be fun and creative, but also comfortable and safe. Use face paint instead of masks whenever possible to help with visibility. Use reflective tape and wear costumes that are the appropriate size to avoid tripping or falling.

Never accept candy from someone who seems at all suspicious.

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