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Millville Truck Accident Lawyer: Fatigue-Related Truck Accidents

Drowsy_Driver_Acc-1.jpgThe Governors Highway Safety Association, or GHSA, recently published a study that calculated the annual cost of fatal and injury-causing crashes related to fatigue. The organization placed the number at $109 billion, and according to the study, drivers who are physically exhausted due to lack of sleep are just as dangerous as drunk drivers in many cases. While quantifying the exact effects of fatigue is still an open debate, estimates for vehicular fatalities due to fatigue are between two and 20 percent.

The GHSA's study posited that fatigue due to 18 hours without sleep impairs most adults at the same level of a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .05 percent. While under the legal limit, this level of impairment is shown to directly affect control of motor vehicles, reaction time, and other factors that prevent accidents on the road. Drivers who have not slept in 24 hours are effectively driving at a BAC of .10 percent, the study suggests, which can severely impact road safety. More than half of crashes with drivers suffering from fatigue are caused by drivers under 25 years of age.

The Role of Law Enforcement in Drowsy Driving Accidents

The GHSA's study also points toward law enforcement as a potential solution for regulation, suggesting that law officers currently lack training to identify fatigued drivers and take appropriate action. Some states, such as Alabama, have recently considered pushing new regulations for drivers (especially commercial trucking drivers) to prevent fatigued driving. Commercial truck drivers are especially at risk for fatigue-related accidents, whether due to long hours or too few breaks, and the consequences of these accidents can be very severe.

Over 300,000 crashes in the United States each year are estimated to be caused by drowsy driving, which in turn caused over 100,000 injuries and almost six and a half thousand fatalities. Ten to 20 percent of accidents caused by large commercial trucks are estimated to be caused by drowsy drivers.

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