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Vineland Personal Injury Lawyer: TBI Early Diagnosis Possible

TBI-4.jpgTraumatic brain injury (TBI) accounts for about 2.5 million emergency room visits each year. The leading causes of TBIs include falls, assaults, and car accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists traumatic brain injuries, often called concussions, as one of the major causes of fatal injury in the United States. Currently, physicians have only complex, subjective means to determine a concussion. Hopefully that is about to change, as researchers at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York may have found a simpler way to determine concussions.

Current testing relies on vision, hearing, strength, sensation, balance, coordination, and reflexes in combination with concentration and memory tests. Determining the extent of brain damage is a complicated, long-term, expensive process. A treating physician may also request a series of imaging tests such as a CT (computerized tomography) scan or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), but these tests are costly and only authorized when symptoms such as seizures, repetitious vomiting, or severe headaches are present.

Using a test for peripheral vision reaction time, Dr. Peter J. Bergold and a team comprised of leading researchers from around the nation found a connection to abnormalities in the centroaxial structures of the brain. Using tests to determine the levels of damage to the posterior corpus callosum (white matter), the team compared the results to the peripheral reaction time test. Their conclusion is that the peripheral vision reaction test is a quick and reliable means of determining whether a concussion is present.

Great News for TBI Emergency Treatment Teams

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, they are seldom able to undergo an immediate, extensive array of psychological and physiological tests. Current procedure involves watching a patient for between six and 24 hours. During this time, pupil dilation will be checked and symptoms noted. The treating physician will subjectively determine whether a concussion is present.

An objective means to determine concussion would be great news for emergency response and treatment teams. Rather than guess whether a patient has a concussion, the patient with a traumatic brain injury could receive immediate treatment.

Saving even a few hours in diagnosis could result in better treatment and care. Treatment teams that could immediately determine that a concussion is present could then order the imaging scans to determine the location, the manner, and the extent of damage. If there is swelling because of internal brain bleeding, this could be mitigated; the potential for saving lives and preventing long-term brain damage cannot be understated.

Vineland Personal Injury Lawyers at Rone & Kowalski, LLC Help Victims of TBI

If you or someone you love suffers from a traumatic brain injury because of the negligent acts of another, you have a right to compensation. One of the most common causes are car accidents, which in most cases are caused by human error. Those responsible should be held accountable. We can help.

For years, the Vineland personal injury lawyers at Rone & Kowalski, LLC have been helping victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI) throughout New Jersey including Bridgeton, Millville, Buena Vista, Maurice River Township, Upper Deerfield Township, Greenwich Township, Stow Creek Township, and Cumberland County. For a confidential review of your case, contact us online or call now 609-476-4044 x 203.

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