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Vineland Personal Injury Lawyers: Millennials and Risky Driving Behaviors

texting-and-driving.jpgEvery generation has its defining features and the millennial is no different. One notable feature is their driving habits, which a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study found are not ideal.

After a continuing 50-year decline in fatal car accidents, rates began to climb sharply in 2015. The following year continued the trend and 2017 appears to be on target for still more highway fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) cites not wearing seat belts, driving while under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol, speeding, and distractions as key reasons. Leading this alarming trend are millennial drivers.

Millennial Drivers and Risky Driving Behaviors

The AAA study was conducted to determine reasons for the sharp increases in fatal crashes. What it discovered about millennial drivers is alarming. Although many drivers reported poor driving habits, the NHTSA noted levels of certain dangerous behaviors among millennials is much higher than average.

Reporting on the age group 19 to 24, the study found that in the past 30 days, 88 percent of millennials polled had engaged in one or more risky behaviors. These behaviors included texting while driving, speeding, and failure to stop at traffic lights and signs.

Comparing these risky habits to other groups shows that millennial drivers pose the greatest risk to highway traffic safety than others. Nearly 60 percent text or send email messages while driving whereas the average is half that. Almost 12 percent acknowledged speeding over 10 mph in school zones compared to five percent overall. While the average for running stop-lights is 36 percent, millennial drivers reported doing so more than half the time.

Vineland Personal Injury Lawyers at Rone & Kowalski, LLC Help Car Accident Victims

What was most alarming about the report was that drivers strongly admit in high numbers that such behaviors pose a serious risk to traffic safety, yet many admit to doing so. This indicates that drivers do not believe that fatal accidents can happen to them.

The Vineland personal injury lawyers at Rone & Kowalski, LLC know this and help victims of car accidents. Texting, speeding, and running lights are all negligent behaviors. Millennial drivers or others causing harm because of negligence should be held accountable. To consult with one of our personal injury lawyers call our office in Milmay, New Jersey at 609-476-4044 x 203 or contact us online. We serve clients in Vineland, Bridgeton, Millville, Buena Vista, Maurice River Township, Upper Deerfield Township, Greenwich Township, Stow Creek Township, and Cumberland County, New Jersey.

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