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3 common railroad injuries

Being a railroad worker can be dangerous; you are exposed to multiple hazardous conditions and risky tasks every day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the railroad industry has a significantly higher fatality rate than the average rate in the private sector. 

When railroad accidents happen, the ensuing injuries are often severe and deadly. These accidents can result in lost work, financial devastation and a reduced quality of life. Here are some common injuries you may experience as a railroad employee. 

1. Head injuries

You could get a head injury from various hazards, from falling tools to slipping and falling. This can cause broken teeth, structural disfigurement and facial scars. In serious cases, a blow to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury or concussion. These complications can affect your cognitive ability and give you chronic headaches. 

2. Burn and explosion injuries

If you get a second or third-degree burn at work, it can be excruciatingly painful. Railroad burns and explosions can occur due to engine fires, electrical burns and hose ruptures. You could also get a chemical burn from contact with harmful substances. 

3. Musculoskeletal injuries

Your muscles, tendons and ligaments take beatings at work. This can result in a variety of sprains, strains and overexertion injuries. You could get chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. If the injury is more severe, you may experience a reduced range of motion or paralysis. Chronic pain can cause you to leave work or change careers. Most of these injuries happen from overexertion and heavy lifting. 

These are simply a few examples of what can happen to you as a railroad worker. There are a lot more injuries you could experience, including electrocution, broken bones and disfigurement. You should always be careful at work, and your employer should be active in making sure you are safe. If you become injured from employer negligence, you may be able to sue for monetary compensation. 

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