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Avoid hurting yourself in a fall this winter

Winters in New Jersey can be harsh. Snowy and icy conditions often spell danger, whether you are at work or running errands during your personal time. You can do a lot to prevent falls this winter, but there are factors - such as a premises liability issue - that could create a dangerous situation for you and others.

Here, we will discuss your precautions to have a safe and slip-free winter, as well as the measures employers and property owners should take to protect people.

Staying grounded on the job

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common ways for people to get hurt at work. You could be a construction worker or an office employee and face the same types of injuries from a bad fall on a slippery surface.

The best ways to protect yourself from a fall on the job are to be aware of your surroundings and informed of the safety standards required for your workplace. For example, if you see a spill on a linoleum floor, make sure to mop it up and set down wet floor signs to warn others. In this way, you protect not only yourself, but anyone else in the vicinity.

Keeping your feet under you in public

Wet and icy pavement and hard floors are prime places for a slip-and-fall accident in public. This winter, be sure to wear sturdy nonslip shoes or boots when you go out, and watch where you step. Keep an eye out for wet floors, black ice or puddles. Step on mats whenever possible, and be especially cautious in store entryways.

You might do all you can to avoid falling this winter, but others have to do their part as well. Property owners and employers have a responsibility to take such measures as de-icing walkways, cleaning up spills, setting out warning signs and ensuring employees are up to speed on safety standards.

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