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3 tips for driving safely in icy conditions

Winter weather creates challenging and dangerous driving conditions in New Jersey. Ice often forms on the roads and is a practically invisible hazard. It takes preparation and skill to navigate icy roadways properly. 

As it gets into freezing temperatures here, black ice can develop on the streets, especially on bridges and overpasses. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you get behind the wheel this winter: 

1. Plan your route

Before you head out into inclement weather, follow these winter safety guidelines from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to keep yourself safe:

  • Give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination safely
  • Check the local forecast and road conditions 
  • Get familiar with directions, especially if you are driving to an unfamiliar destination

Staying safe this winter starts even before you begin driving. 

2. Be cautious

Even if your car has all-wheel drive and stability controls, you still have to adjust your driving habits in the winter. These features may help, but you should always reduce your speed and increase your following distance in icy conditions. Ice on the roads means less traction, so you do not want to be going too fast or following someone too close if you need to react. 

3. Consider snow tires

With how much snow this area gets, you should consider investing in a second set of tires. Snow tires are specifically designed to help your car maintain traction even in the iciest conditions. While all-season tires may be adequate, you should think about getting snow tires if you frequently drive in the winter months. 

Snow, sleet and ice can make driving a little challenging, but you can follow these steps to be safe and prepare for hazards. Preparing your route, practicing caution and getting snow tires can all keep you safe and reduce your likelihood of being in a motor vehicle collision.

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