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What to do if you sustain an injury on the job in New Jersey

Workplace injuries are all too common. In New Jersey, the law has specific protections for employees who suffer injuries at work. Some professions are more physically hazardous than others, such as construction work and work with heavy equipment. Other times, a workplace injury occurs due to a simple and unforeseen case of negligence, such as a slip and fall injury or unsafe working conditions in general on the employer's premises.

No matter how you got your injury on the job, the important thing now is to understand your rights under New Jersey law. You need to move forward to collect damages to compensate for your injuries so you can pay costly medical bills and make up for lost wages due to time off work. Here is some information about workplace injuries in New Jersey that can help you understand your options.

Workers' compensation in New Jersey

New Jersey state law requires all employers to cover a form of workers' compensation insurance. There are different types of programs that qualify under this requirement, but the basic fact is that carrying this coverage is a must for employers in the state. Your employer must also provide you with specific information when you suffer an injury, such as how to report the injury and where to go for medical treatment. If there is a dispute about the compensation, you can file a claim that the state may turn over to a judge. Make sure you and your employer followed the necessary steps after your injury to ensure your best chances for proper medical treatment and filing a claim.

Benefits and disputes

Under workers' compensation insurance, you may have access to a variety of benefits depending on your particular situation. These can include temporary disability, permanent partial or total benefits, as well as medical benefits. If your case turns into a dispute over the amount of the benefits paid, the extent of medical treatment or the particular treatment received, things can become more complex very quickly. If the state assigns your claim petition to a judge, you will likely wish to retain a lawyer to represent you at the hearing.

The best way to start in your quest to find a qualified personal injury attorney in New Jersey who can handle your workers' compensation case is to schedule a consultation. An initial consultation can help you understand the particular scope of your potential case and your legal options moving forward.

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